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how do I change my Blog Address?

  1. It says when signing up that you can change your blog address later if you wish but I can't find how to do this, Does anyone know how! Is it possible?
    I realised on reading mine that it was not very good, I don't even know how the word dot got in there! If it can't be changed I will just have to get used to it! Thanks, Claire

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks airodyssey, but when I go in to this help link, and follow the instructions, my screen looks nothing like the picture, when showing the page where I should be able to change Blog address. I think my download may be unstable as I have problems uploading info to my pages too. It took me all day to put photos in to a new page yesterday, I had to keep redoing them, as they kept coming up in the wrong place, then the writing was all in the wrong place when I looked at preview. It was frustrating! Anyway I managed in the end but not quite how I had wanted them!
    I will persevere, Claire

  3. Hi, I managed to get in and clicked on change address (which was written vertically on the page) and I could do it. As I was writing I chickened out and decide to keep the address I have, I am getting used to it and it doesn't seem as bad as it did at first! So thank you for your help.I hope this helps someone else!

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