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How do I change my blog address to one I just deleted?

  1. I didn't understand the instructions on how to change blog addresses, and thought I had to create a new blog in order to transfer settings over. So I did this, and found that was not the way. So I deleted the new blog, and went to change blog address the correct way, and found I could not use the just deleted address, even though it was me that registered and deleted it.

    The blog I would like to change my address to is

    If there is a way to still do this, please help.
    Blog url:

  2. I'm sorry but it's not possible to re-use a blog address that's already been deleted.

    Users are warned about this several times before they delete their blogs.

    However, you can always start a new blog on, here:

    If it's the blog's address that you wanted, keep in mind that you can use the Domain Mapping upgrade to register a custom domain for your blog, or use one that your already own.

    Read more about this here:

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