How do I change my blog URL address?

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    I want to change my blog URL from to something else. I attempted to go to My Blogs to change it but didn’t see the same options your tutorial showed. How can I do this? I did not buy the domain for it just to be my, but it will show at the end, which is fine for now.


    The blog I need help with is





    just in case, in the My Blogs page, have you tried hovering over the address you want to change? If you don’t do this, the menu won’t show up.

    If you already did, then ignore me.


    Thanks… I’ve been to that support link repeatedly and maybe I’m missing something. When I go to ‘My Blogs’ all I see is a pretty blank option under bulk actions rather than the example which shows the option to change your address. Not sure why nothing shows up but could it be because I’m working off my ipad and not an actual PC? Just a thought.



    It’s possible that the browser you use on iPad can’t display it. Can you try it on a PC and see what happens?


    Yep… That’s what it was.. Works on a PC… Thanks!



    You’re welcome!

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