How do i change my blogs primary user?

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    I set up two blogs.

    On the first blog i want to use the username you see here (Paolo Rubino).

    On the second blog i want to use a different user name. How do i do this? I tried inviting myself under a different email address, but it wants me to set up ANOTHER blog to accept the invite. I already have the second blog, i just want to post under a different name on the second blog.

    Help, help and more help.


    The blog I need help with is



    You have only one user name per profile on You can always change that in “My Profile” under Users in your Dashboard. However, that is going to change it globally for all blogs you administer with that profile.

    If you invite yourself as a new administrative user at a different email address , you will get an invitation to create a new account under that email address, and from there you can set up a different profile with a different user name.

    Honestly, unless you have a compelling reason to do this and can keep the two completely separate for billing and support reasons (such as having a separate personal and a business profile), I’d expect having two accounts in the long run would become more confusing than helpful.


    On a related topic:
    I have three blogs and want to eliminate one, which is also the original one.

    Do I just delete it and still log on using that user name and pw??

    Thanks for your help!


    I need a blog deleted and my sign in information is not working. How can I do this? Can word press do this for me?

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