How do I change my current domain mapping to a new WP blog?

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    Currently we are mapping 2013apaconvention.wordress to . Now we have a new 2014apaconvention.wordress ready and want to map there. When I attempt to map to change the mapping, I get an error message that says “This domain is already mapped to a wordpress blog”

    We want to save 2013apaconvention.wordress for archives and point to new site 2014apaconvention.wordress . How do I unlink from 2013 so that I can map to 2014?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,
    I’ll tag this for staff attention. Please subscribe to this thread so you’ll know when they assist you.

    Staff is backlogged and works through threads in chronological order.
    The best thing to do is be patient, and know that they’ll take care of you as soon as they are able.

    Best wishes!


    Hi @walkerk2,

    I’m happy to move the domain registration to your new site ( However, in order to do that, I’ll need to request to come from the current owner of the domain. Could you have the user that purchased the domain submit the request in this thread?

    I’ll be happy to make this happen once that’s done!



    Thank you for your reply.

    The domain owner has asked that I send this message on her behalf.

    I request that the domain registration be moved as requested by APA’s consultant Kristin Walker. Since I paid the last bill to WordPress, I am the current owner.

    Whois information has been updated to Kim Mills



    That’s not going to cut it. The blog’s owner has to log in and post here.



    May they call instead? Can you provide contact number?



    There is no phone support. Clearly Staff cannot just hand off blog because you say so and clearly the client has to be able to login to her/his blog in order to blog. So what is preventing that client from logging in here and doing his/her business with Staff?


    Hi @walkerk2,

    As @timethief mentioned, we do not provide support over the phone, and the request will have to come directly from the owner of the domain. If they would like, they can also submit an email request from the email address on file for the account to In that instance, please make sure they reference ticket #415459 so we can connect this conversation. Just to clarify, the email will need to come from the email address on file for the account that currently owns the domain.



    Thanks. I will pass the information along.


    Sounds great! If they happen to send the request via email, just drop a note here, and I will keep an eye out for it.

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