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How do i change my domain from to my own domain?

  1. I have gone into the domain bit and tryed to add my domain but it keeps coming up with somthing about credits and no recognising.

    any ideas.


  2. It's called domain mapping and it's not a free feature; it costs about $15 a year if it's something you want (that's what the credits are; 1 credit = $1). If you already have a domain elsewhere then you need to get it to point to WordPress first, which could be the problem with the recognition, or that you're trying to register a name that already exists. If you follow the FAQ it should be simple to do. If you're still having trouble, can you give us more details of what's happening?

  3. If you want to change your name to a www. something .com
    here is what you do: put your wordpress name in this:
    Then, after that, go to domains which is located at:
    then you must enter your domain name, or you must purchase 15 credits first before
    you can create a domain. Sorry, but it is not a free feature, i wish it was tho. :-)

  4. @stjohnsyouth
    cjwriter has given you the correct information and the relevant link too.

    You have a blog so please disregard any information posted to this thread about blogs. and run on different software. We cannot access or edit our php files at

    relevant link ->

  5. what he said

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