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How do i change my image location URL.

  1. Hello i recently encountered a problem with where my image locations are.

    First i should explain. My website used to be called, but 2 months ago i changed it to

    Now when i click an image and click copy image location and paste it it gives me this link

    How do i change it so it saves as etc

    Please be clear that i would like to change it at the source and not in each individual image. So its my thought that i need to change something to do with my media section. Any help would be appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your blog is being domain mapped do not mess with those links. What you see is notmal behavior for a domain mapped blog. On the Admin side you see the URLs -- all is well.

  3. "notmal" was maent to be "normal" Please read this post so you understand what domain mapping does and why you do not want to break any links > Do I Need a Domain?

  4. So basically i have to have my images linking to

  5. Nope. They link to instead. And no, that will never change.

  6. Ok thanks for the help guys. I feel as if its a stupid thing though.

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