How do I change my name server?

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    I just purchased a new domain from Bluehost and I exported my blog from to the new domain. But now I’m terribly confused! How can I redirect traffic to my new domain? Do I have to pay the $13 upgrade to map it or can I change the name server for free?
    I found the directions for changing the name server, but when I go to the Store, all I see in the option to pay for the mapping upgrade.
    Once I figure this out, will my existing followers be redirected to my new domain name?
    Thank you! I’m in over my head with this stuff!

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you purchase a domain like to point to your blog? If so then you are looking for domain mapping.
    If you are leaving and going to then you will be looking for site redirect. and



    The name servers for your new domain name you bought at Blue Host need to point to your new host that you have your new site on that you imported your WordPress.COM into.

    You want the site redirect – see the link above for the instructions – do not change the name servers from your new blog

    After a year you can set the individual Posts and pages to Private (only seen by you) or delete them and leave a single Post on your WordPress.COM blog – – saying that you moved and leave a link to the new URL – DON’T delete the blog – you might want the name in the future –

    After a year, search engines and such should have learned the new address – the site redirect is good for one year – by leaving a link on the old address you don’t slam the door in the face of an old link or bookmark

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