How do I change my name?

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    I’ve changed my name so people don’t know who I am. But I can’t seem to get my original name off of the blog. (I’ve literally changed everything including my domain name. But my original name “benmeixell” still shows up instead of “robertwarren”.

    The blog I need help with is



    Can you tell me which part of your blog is your original name showing?


    Yes, when you click on the blog link (in the original message) at the top left of the screen in big white letters it says “benmeixell” (next too “A fine site”) and I’d like that to change to the new robertwarren. Any ideas?


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    dashboard—>settings—>general settings—>
    fill in “site title with robert warren
    (also fill in a tagline to replace the generic “a fine site”
    —>scroll down and save.



    Admin Panel > Settings > General Settings > Site Title


    Thank you soooo much, you two!!! Take care :-)


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    You are welcome. Happy blogging! I’ll mark this thread as resolved.

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