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How do I change my profile picture?

  1. I cannot get my profile picture to change. I also cannot get anyone at Support to respond to me, after four notes.

    I have gone to the app under User and also under Gravatar. No change.
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there,

    I can see that your Blavatar has been updated to a picture with a red background. Is that the one that you're trying to change your Gravatar to?

    Can you walk me through what happens when you click on the "Change your Gravatar" link under your profile image on your Dashboard > Users > My Public Profile? Are you able to upload an image but it doesn't save or do you come across an error message?

  3. No. I have a picture of me wearing a blue shirt. I have no idea where the red background picture is even stored.

    I have uploaded the blue shirt picture numerous times. It shows as being the default picture but does not show up on the blog itself.

  4. The gravatar show me blue shirt picture. I just checked.

  5. No error message.

  6. Are you with WordPress support? I have been trying to get a response from someone for weeks. I am grateful for any help.

  7. Now I'm really lost. The image went away totally on this thread, so I went back and reloaded the avatar. Still nothing.


  8. Hi there,

    I am with WordPress support team - I'm sorry for any delay in our response to your ticket! Feel free to send another one ATTN: evarlese so I can locate it in our database for you.

    Regarding your Gravatar, it looks the image was deleted. Earlier, I saw the blue shirt picture as your Gravatar on your comment. Would you be able to go to your Dashboard > Users > My Profile page again and upload the image? Are you receiving any error message?

    You may also need to log in at to update your primary image for your Gravatar. You can log into your Gravatar account using your WordPress log in information.

  9. Thank you for getting back with me. I'm so frustrated and confused at this point, I can't see straight. I have been at this for weeks.

    I have done everything you said, but still the photo on the blog itself is the red brick background, not the blue shirt.


  10. Notice that the blue shirt photo is not on this thread either.

  11. Hi there,

    I can now see the Gravatar with the blue shirt on this comments thread. If it's not currently showing up for you, can you try clearing your browser's cache and cookies?

    Regarding your blog avatar - or Blavatar - you can change that by going to your blog's Dashboard > Settings > General and uploading a new image under "Blog Icon."

  12. I have cleared the cache repeatedly.

  13. I see the photo on this posts, but it is not showing up on the blog.

    I am lost...

  14. Hi there,

    When I go to your blog, it works for me. Can you give it some time and check to see if your Blavatar has been updated?

  15. You must be looking at something else? On my blog, on the right side, is a picture of me in front of red brick. I am trying to the get the picture of the blue shirt to go there.

    I do not know what you mean by waiting for the Bravatar to update. The photo on the blog is a profile picture, right? not an avatar.

  16. I followed your earlier instruction to change the profile picture under General Settings - Blog picture. The blue shirt picture is there. It does not show up on the page.

  17. I apologize! It sounds like you want to change the image that's in your blog's Sidebar. (For more information on Blavatars, please visit this site.)

    You will first need to upload the blue shirt picture to your Media Library. Then, click on "Edit Image" and copy the File URL.

    After this, head on over to your Appearance > Widgets and click on the Image Widget. In the text box underneath "Image URL," paste the URL that you copied earlier. I hope this helps!

  18. I don't see anything on WP called Media Library.

  19. Which image is replaced? There are several.

  20. I did EXACTLY what you told me to do. Now look at it!! There is not photo at all.

    I need help on this, now, please...

  21. I have followed the steps. Now there is NO photo on the blog.

  22. The other photos on the site apparently are hosted somewhere else, so my guess is that WP's photo hosting is the problem.

    PLEASE...I need to get this fixed. Now it is worse than ever.

  23. ATTN: tess1 That's fine, not trying to start new threads, but I also cannot get an answer that is correct. I had someone working with me yesterday sporadically, but she stopped replying. My situation is worse than ever now because now there is no photo at all on my profile after following her directions precisely.

    I am confused about this forum. WP says it offers 24/7 support. Certainly not true. I have never heard from anyone at WP, unless you and the other person are support people to WP. If the latter, I simply need some help.

    Nobody read my post correctly from the beginning. I always said I was trying to change the profile photo on my page.

  24. ATTN: evarlese

    I now have the photo on the page, but the cropping is off — both the photo and the caption. How do I correct that?

  25. That's definitely a bit out. It will need to be cropped or re-sized to fit. Do you have an image editor that you can use? If so, I recommend re-sizing it to 10px smaller in width.

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