How do I change my theme without losing half my edited widgets?

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    I have tried to change my theme but find that half my widgets disappear! Can anyone help?



    You shouldn’t be losing your widgets when you change themes. If you are, perhaps you should contact support.


    Thanks Vivian … I will try again … but how do I contact support?


    Duh! Just noticed the “support” link at the top of the page! Thanks!



    There is a link in your dashboard and there is one at the bottom of the forum.


    Sorry to bother you again. I have opened my blog in a new theme but have not activated it yet. All the widgets have gone except my blog roll & my pages. Do you have to activate the theme before the rest of the widgets appear? I am not keen to activate if I am going to lose my widgets! But … thankfully your help with copying (another forum post) has meant that I do have all the detail saved in a text file, now!


    It appears that it might just be a fault with the “Fauna” theme. I have tried a few others and my widgets are still there! Thanks for the input!



    Some of the themes use a different “widget” order as there can be multiple sidebars in some themes. Some of them don’t display “widget sidebar 1” while all the others do. They might display “sidebar 2 and sidebar 3” instead. I haven’t checked “Fauna” but that might be the case.



    Hi Trent! Thanks for your response … just thought I would add … I tried going from “Solipsus” (2 column) to “Fauna” (also 2 column) … as far as I can see they both have a single sidebar … but I am still a learner blogger so there might be more to it than that!



    Two columns means one blog column and one sidebar. You are looking for a three-column layout.

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