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How do I change my time to am/pm not military time

  1. When I am scheduling a post, it messes me up every time. I went through the tuts and I don't understand it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you don't understand the 24 hour clock you can Google it. The default timezone setting is UTC time. To change that to your own timezone you go here > Settings > General > and select the closest city to you in the same timezone in the dropdown menu you see there and then click "save changes". You can change the date on the same page.

  3. I am in the right time zone, I just don't want to use military time when scheduling a post I want to use AM and PM time format. It looks like I have it set that way but when I schedule there is no am or pm option.

  4. The only options that exist are on this page > Settings > General
    Only some themes display a time To change the display would require an annually renewable custom design upgrade and CSS editing.

  5. Thank you, that does help

  6. Really? You would spend $30. every year to change the time format that only appears on the chateau theme in the comments section and already looks like this? February 10, 2011 at 2:36 AM

  7. The CSS upgrade is not going to help you with scheduling posts, it will still show in military time in your dashboard.

  8. @sensuousinkspiller
    Thank you so much for catching that.

  9. lol, I didn't say I would do it, I just said I understand it better now. That would be crazy! Thanks for your help.

  10. If you want the AM/PM back, go to Dashboard >> Settings >> General and select it under Time Format. Or some custom Date/Time format options are available.

    24 Hour time is really much easier to use though since there is only one 13:00 each day while there are two 1:00 o-clocks

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