How do i change my url?

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    i want to change the URL of my account. And i just cant seem to figure out how. Can somebody please help me with this?
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    It would require you to register another account with a different email address for a new account. You can however have multiple blogs on each username and then change your nickname if you want your name to show up different than your username on your blog. What are you trying to do exactly I guess is my question :)




    im trying to do this too, for i told alot of other people that i shouldn’t have. is it impossible to fix this unless i create another blog?



    once you have a URL assigned to your blog by wordpress, you can not change the URL. You must create a new blog that gets a new URL of your choosing. Since most people have cookies enabled in their browsers, make sure to log out of your WP account then go to and click on “sign up”. Please remember to to use a different username, password and email address. If however you would like to create another URL (blog) with the same username and email address, follow Trent’s instructions above.

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