How do I change name/dns server in my wordpress blog?

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    I have a free wordpress blog, and a webhost, But my webhost tells me the following..

    To point your domain to our services, you need to visit your domain registrar (where you registered the domain) and change the name servers associated with your domain to our name servers and also remove any existing name servers that may be associated with your domain. This is a common process at all domain registrars as it is required anytime anyone changed who hosts their website. For specific help on changing the name servers at your domain registrar, go to their site, login and go to the help section. Search for ‘changing name servers’ or ‘changing DNS servers’.

    How do I change the name servers in my wordpress blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have a free wordpress blog, and a webhost
    Is your blog on


    Yes it is..



    Please give us a link to the blog, starting with http.

    #391229, My outcome is to install wordpress on my desktop, and setting up a blog using this domainname, and my host.



    I dont have a domain administration as described in that post with step 2.

    and I didn’t registrared a domain name through wordpress. I got it free when I made my blog.

    I’m confused..



    A blog on cannot be installed on a desktop. It is hosted on the Internet, at You can map a to a domain, such that turns into just You need a domain to do that. Do you have domain? And who is your registrar?


    Cant I just use on my host ( and put files through smartftp to create a webpage?



    You can’t still use “” if you have a host.

    You would need to buy a domain/ use their free sub-domain, get WordPress.ORG, and import your files into your new blog.

    Does this help?



    No, sorry. That is not how works. A blog on is hosted on and cannot be accessed via FTP, only via the dashboard when you log in. That is how you edit your blog on

    If you have a domain you can map that domain to your blog. The blog will still be on but it will have your domain as its address.
    Presuming you have a domain that should be possible with your host.


    O I understand it now, Thank you. Do you know where I can get a domain name without a host? (since I already got a host)



    You might ask over at, which does support for independently-hosted blogs.



    You can get it with your host, allthough that would be prohibitively expensive, unless you plan to host and run your own blog using

    If you’re ok with what offers, there are many places you could get a domain. is one option, or, which I am using for one of my domains.

    Domains usually cost around $10/yr.


    Well my original plan was just to create a webpage using wordpress. You know, a page that looks like a website in stead of a blog with the sidebar. I watched some tutorials on how to do that. And they basically said you have to install wordpress on your desktop, is this true?

    Can’t you make a page inside wordpress with the domain name?



    This tells you more about

    You can have ‘pages’ instead of posts on
    and you can make a page the front page

    As I’ve said above, you can not install WordPress on your desktop. Even the self-hosted is not installed on your desktop, unless you use your desktop as a server instead of hosting your blog with a host. Most people use a host for that.



    you can do that, but nobody but you will be able to read it. You need a Host. Then you need a domain name; that’s the address. Without the domain name, nobody can get to it.

    You just want a static PAGE? is a blogging platform. If you only want one page, you can just add it to a blog here. I think you’re getting in way over your head with independent hosting (which costs money).

    read this:

    and watch this video:



    I can’t figure out what you’re talking about.

    WordPress.COM is just a free blogging service: you can create pages, posts, make a homepage, etc. You can NOT use your own theme or access FTP.

    I think your looking for WordPress.ORG. If your using 000WebHost, then you can NOT use your “” domain. You have to create a new 000WebHost account with their Free Sub-domain, or buy your own domain with a registrant like

    If your looking to do that and fully customize your blog, then head over to WordPress.ORG and look at the Docs.

    Do you have any more questions?



    Let her watch the video first, ya. Thanks, rain. Bookmarked for later use.


    Haha it seems like i’m making everyone crazy. I apologize!

    Yes I understand now that there is a difference between and, and all I wanted to do in the first place is create a page without a sidebar.

    So thank you !

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