How do i change over to .org so i can have the plugins section?

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    Hi there….
    I am kinda new to WordPress but absolutely enjoying it at the mo ;)
    Last night i brought WordPress mapping as i already have a domain name by godaddy… I have set it all up and its working fine but there is now plugins section :( I have recently read that you need .org for this feature…. and also noticed i wil have to pay an extra $18.00 for this is there an easier way to change over now i have already spent money on mapping my domain! sorry if this is confusing i tried my best to explain lol


    The blog I need help with is



    No, $18 won’t turn a .com blog into a .org blog. You’d need to find paid hosting somewhere and install software in order to use plugins.

    Why don’t you just tell us what you want to accomplish with these plugins? There’s often a workaround.

    Even if you do move from here, you need the domain name for your new blog anyway, so buying it was not a mistake. You just change where it points.


    yes i know when i brought the domain wasn’t a mistake but i thought the mapping that a brought from WordPress last night was! this all confuses me and i have been trying to look everywhere on how to do it from my point of view haha… the only way i can think of is to buy the .org from WordPress but it does say it cost $18 :( so that’s where it confuses me this is my first ever webpage and i am new to all this so it all confuses me….
    I would like quite a few things from the plugins like the Facebook galleries and a contact page and so on…. and i can always update it in the future as this will be my webpage for i guess the rest of my life for my business.
    Sorry that i don’t really understand it just really confuses me and from already buying a domain and WordPress mapping i am not sure where to go from here now.




    WordPress.ORG is the keeper of the WordPress software – they are not a host

    Contact forms are built in – no need for a Plug-in

    Have not a clue about Facebook


    See thats the thing…. I dont even know what hosting is! i just brought a domain from go daddy and then to put it on my wordpress website i had to also buy the wordpress mapping… which i did and everything is fine just that i dont have the pluggins which i thought i would of got aswel! so i have no clue on how to get what you call hosting or even what it is or where to start! my head is mashed at this moment in time haha

    I also found out that you had to have pluggins to get a contact page but i would still like pluggins either way… i heard there is a few good ones out there.

    Thanks for your help tho.


    This is why you do your research before you buy, sign or commit to anything.

    Learn first. Buy later.


    true yeah but im inpatient! lol just want get it sorted and tbh i have been doing my research but like i said it just goes over my head as i have never done this before! But Thanks lol




    If you don’t know what a host is then getting your own host and installing the WordPress.ORG software, installing Plug-in’s (and Plug-in’s can crash your whole site if you put a bad one on) – then updating your software every few months. You need to do all the work yourself or hire it done – and you have all the research to do as to which plug-in to use

    I have a photo history site (not linked to my name) – I have not found any need for a plug-in yet –

    It looks like you are a photographer that wants to showcase your work – WordPress.COM works great for that

    My advice – get rid of the Plug-in envy and just start working on your site here – you have the domain name so if you want to move you can move without changing the URL – there are several themes designed just for photo work


    great advice mate thanks… the only thing that made me first want to get pluggins was that yes i wanted to showcase my photography….. but you have a limit of space on wordpress dont you? so thats why i wanted a facebook plugin which when i upload a photo to facebook it pop up on my site… but if there is away round that then that would be great also, my photos are a big memory and dont want to reduce that because it will reduce the quality.

    Thanks for your help



    3GB space for pictures here before you need to buy an upgrade – that is way more than you will find on other hosts – most hosts are around 150 MB for basic hosting – BUT you want to optimize your pictures for the web site – a bunch of 3 MB uploads on your front page will drive visitors away – most photographers make their pictures way to large for the web – then there are issues of people copying your work if the pictures are too high of quality and your computer screen is not all that much resolution –

    DON’T make your site long to load – most people only wait a few seconds before they bail and go away


    The space allocation for media files for all free hosted blogs is 3 GB 3 and GBs is enough space for thousands and thousands of images. In addition you can purchase space upgrades.



    Just use Publicize and it’ll post to Facebook every time you make a new post.


    tbh i just looked at my photos and the average file size for my photos are around 10mb so yeah i could get about 300 photos on the site but thats it! maybe that will be enough haha but thanks guys for so much help… if i leave the plugins then could someone please let me know how i could get a contact page? someone said i could without a plugin….. also what do u mean publicize raincoaster? like i said im new to all this lol

    Thanks again peeps for your help.


    All support docs are at this link
    contact form >


    the average file size for my photos are around 10mb

    Then you’re doing something seriously wrong.

    Is that just a raw .rar file size? Conversion and compression to .jpg or even .png would bring those sizes down to something reasonable. Images posted to websites generally should be something closer to 100Kb.

    If you’re in the photo business professionally, you really don’t want to post HQ images anyways. You want to post something lower quality, probably with a watermark. Then they have to pay for the HQ images if they want them.



    You put a 10 MB file on the front page you will get ZERO repeat traffic and nobody will stick around for a second picture to load – also Google will down grade you in the search results for big files –



    You need to start here and optimize your images before you put them on the web. You’re not ready to move to independent hosting.


    I need to put high quality work onto my website! so then my customers can see my work in full detail they will not be purchasing any of my photos via wordpress so it is just for show so i cant really compress my photos because i will loose the quality :(



    What specific technical issue with regard to WordPress. COM blogging do you need help with? I’m asking because we aren’t allowed to create discussion threads that ramble on an on. If you need that kind of personal support then you have to either hire a consultant or a blogging mentor.


    I aint a clue on what you just said to me! but ok i wont ramble on! nice way to speak to sum1!
    Thanks guys anyways for your help… even though this is my topic im sure i could of spoke about anything i liked but fair enough.


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