How do I change the blog name?

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    Hi! This is going to sound a little petty, but I’m wondering how I can change my blog name as it shows up in my dashboard? Example: rather than it saying “My Blog” I’d like it to be the actual name of the blog/site so I can keep better track. I looked under Settings, all over the forums/support, but couldn’t find a solution. Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Where does it say ‘My Blog’ for you? In the top left corner of the black bar, it should say the name of the site. Are you looking at something else?



    It only says “My Blog” in my dashboard/admin stuff, but I can’t figure out where/how to change it. The title is correct for everything else. That’s why I say this is totally petty lol.. It’s just me being picky and trying to stay organized. :)



    The name in your dashboard is slow to update at times – seems to me the last time I changed the name it took a couple of days to update – relax for a while

    WordPress.COM is hosted on 3 massive server farms – it can take a while for some changes to migrate to all the servers

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