How do I change the color of the top navigation bar?

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    The navigation bar on the very top of the page is orange, and the text is white. I want to change the color of this. How do I do it?

    The blog I need help with is


    Looks like you might have to make some CSS code to change the background. That’s one way I would go about making the change.

    I went through the demo of the theme and couldn’t find any option to change the nav bar color.



    How to access the CSS code and make the change? Can you describe the steps? Thanks in advance.


    @itscrylynn – Looks like you was able to change the nav bar color to yellow. How did you make the change?

    Please follow this link:



    itscryslynn – I don’t see any custom CSS on, and I see that you switched to the Outspoken theme several days ago. Are you all set or do you still need further help?

    drunkentennis – this is the CSS Customization forum, so you can usually assume that any folks here are asking about how to make specific CSS changes. If you’re not able to help with CSS questions, please leave them for other volunteers and staff. Thanks!



    Hi everyone, sorry that I didn’t follow up sooner.

    I did figure out how to change the color of my top navigation bar. While in my theme customizer, I simply clicked on “Colors & Backgrounds” and clicked “Palettes”. You can change the palette colors of your theme including the top navigation bar.



    Glad you’re all set, thanks for reporting back!

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