How do I change the days at the top of the calendar widget?

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    The top of my calendar widget looks like this:

    M T W T F S S

    Where the day at the far left is Monday.

    I want to start the week with Sunday. Is there a way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is


    That would require that you “hack” the underlying theme PHP script files, and we cannot do that.



    However, you can change it in your Dashboard>Settings>General>Week starts on …change it to Sunday and make sure to save.


    G’day Jennifer!

    Does that change the calendar widget? I didn’t think it did.



    ~~tsp! It does! Look at my footer. :-)



    Going to the settings and changing the week to star on Sunday worked!

    Thanks so much… I never would have found it there on my own :)


    Hmmm, I know a few years ago I went through that with a couple friends that were I think using Mistylook and Connections and it did not change the calendar. Perhaps staff have changed things (or perhaps those two do not change).

    Thanks for chiming in and correcting me.



    @eleganterica as another “my-week-starts-on-Sunday” person, glad it worked for you, too.

    @tsp-Will have to go check it out on my demo blog, but here’s what’s written in the General Settings Support doc:

    The final setting, Week Starts On, is only used if you are using the calendar widget. This setting allows you to select what day is displayed in the first column of the calendar.

    So hopefully this is now global to all themes.


    With Mistylook and Connections, there was so much that was hard-coded into the theme files. I still have nightmares about converting the Connections themes from here over to a .ORG blog and customizing it for someone (who 6 months later changed to a different theme). I had to do a ton of modifications to the PHP script files.

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