How do I change the Facebook blurb?

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    I’m using Coraline 1.0.2

    I put the blurb in the tag but Facebook still pulled text from my first post (unless there is a time lag between the change and what it pulls when posting??)

    I hadn’t not used the tag to begin with because I don’t like the way it looks on the site, it’s redundant because it’s part of my header image. I would still prefer not to, so I also tried posted a page that pre-dated the first post, with the only tag line on that post. That didn’t work either (unless again there is a time lag)

    Blog url:


    It looks like you have purchased domain registration and mapping for your blog, but have changed the nameserver information, making it point to a site (, in this case) not hosted on and over which we have no control. Did you mean to do that?



    I absolutely meant to do that.
    But I still use the wordpress theme, so wouldn’t the resolution for the issue be the same?


    The integration of Facebook and is specific to, I’m afraid. The code used on the site you mention, which seems to be a self-install of, is probably handed by a particular plugin.

    Here’s an article on the differences between both.



    drat. I suppose I have to keep searching then, because I don’t want a website url with “wordpress” in it.



    PS: I should also mention, I’m not using a plugin. This happens when I type in the url directly.


    You originally had that (i.e. a ‘’ mapped to your blog), but when you changed the nameservers, it started pointing elsewhere.

    If you want to go back to that mapping, you can just change the nameservers on your domain back to, and

    This way ‘’ will point to ‘’ and the ‘’ bit will no longer be shown.

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