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How do I change the flexible width?

  1. Hi - new here!
    I am using a theme w/ a flexible width, but can't figure out how to change it... any help? Thanks!!

  2. Can you give us a direct link to your blog, starting with http? Then we can take a look.

  3. You know, I set one of my blogs to use that and I think without the Custom CSS upgrade, you're hooped. But I don't know why they'd say it was flexible width and then make you buy the upgrade, because with the upgrade, ANYTHING is flexible as far as I know.

    Hopefully someone with some experience with flexible-width themes will post.

    It just occurred to me: maybe it's flexible DISPLAY, not flexible formatting. IE if you read it on a cellphone it will adapt to that width; if you read it on a 42 inch monitor, it will adapt to that. See if that's the case by changing your monitor resolution a few times and doing a forced reload and seeing if it adapts.

  4. thanks - I'll try that...

  5. Flexible display is right. It means that no matter what screen display/resolution the reader is using, s/he will not have a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. I think it's a confusing term, or at least not as descriptive as it might be.

  6. I believe fluid is the more usual term used to contrast with fixed. Some quick Google results:

    • "fixed width" + CSS: 620,000
    • "fluid width"+ CSS: 104,000
    • "liquid width" + CSS: 2,650
    • "flexible width" + CSS: 972

    The other common way that these are contrasted is to discuss fixed layout (54,200) versus liquid layout (136,000), flexible layout (22,700), or fluid layout (22,400).

    I have no clue why they'd choose flexible width as a description, but I'm curious: would you find any of the other common terms less confusing for a theme whose width is a percentage (in this case, 100%) of the width of the browser window? Or for one that has min / max widths in addition to a percentage, or uses margins to achieve a similar effect?

  7. The question is not whether the term reflects the function: the question is whether the term is clear to blog administrators, who tend not to be web designers. "Flexible display width" would be clearer; it would have prevented this question entirely.

  8. Hmmm... that phrasing would have actually made me go look for a field in Design where I could put in the width I wanted the blog to be displayed at. Could just be my bias, though.

  9. See, you're a techie, not a civilian like me. At least we can agree that as it is, it's unclear.

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