How do I change the font in my image caption?

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    Font for the caption in my images changes often, and sometimes appear different from picture to picture even within the same page.

    How do I keep the caption font consistent? I would like it to remain centered and in bold font, rather than to the left and in regular, unimpressive font.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    ‘<p class=”wp-caption-text” style=”font-family:verdana;”>Steps to Sanyo-in</p>’



    Thanks for the reply. I’m sorry but I don’t know a thing about code. Do I add this to what is already written in the code or is there something I must replace with this code?



    I fiddled around with the code and was successful in making the photo captions onefont using this: </dd><dd class=”wp-caption-dd”>

    I still wasn’t able to figure out how to choose the specific font I want and probably the most frustrating part, I am left with a two-line caption for each photo which looks like this:

    Saisho-in Map

    It has a hyphen for a first line, then the caption.

    Any advice for getting rid of this hyphen, as well as choosing the font?

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