How do I change the font in the window where I'm writing a post?

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    In other words, the font of the text on my website is fine. However, the font in the “Add new post” window went from Arial to a font that I’m not too fond of.

    Is there a way of changing that?

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    Hi Jeremy,

    You mean like the body text in the editor? Hm, do you see the same thing if you try an alternate web browser from your main browser?



    Ah, just had another thought — are you using the HTML editor by chance?



    Thanks for the reply.

    1) Same font in a different browser.

    2) I do use the editor in HTML mode versus Visual mode because I like to write some of my own HTML into my posts.

    The ironic thin is this comment box’s font is in Arial. haha

    But no idea why the posting box font just suddenly changed. haha




    The font used in the HTML editor has been changed during the recent redesign. Depending on the fonts you have available on your machine, the font used will be either Consolas, Monaco, or your browser’s default monospaced font.

    Monospaced fonts are traditionally used when editing source code (such as HTML). According to Wikipedia:

    Even though computers can now display a wide variety of fonts, almost every commercial IDE and software text editor employs a monospaced font as the default typeface. This increases the readability of source code, which is often heavily reliant on distinctions involving individual symbols

    The visual editor should use either Georgia, Times New Roman, Bitstream Charter, Times, or your browser’s default serif font – again, depending on the fonts available on your machine.

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