How do I change the font size of all h3 headings?

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    I would like to use h3 headings to break up my text, but they are barely bigger than my regular post text. Is this normal? I am using the Simfo theme. How can I make them bigger, but not as big as h2?

    The blog I need help with is



    Please link to a page in which you’ve used regular text plus h2s and h3s. What you’re saying isn’t true of the default version of the theme:


    In this page, the headings throughout are all h3, but to my eye they don’t look much bigger than the rest of the font:



    Right: that’s because you’ve changed the fonts.

    Now, I’m also seeing that you used the tools of the Visual editor to make the h3s bold and colored. There’s no point doing this when you have the upgrade: you can take care of it once for all in the CSS editor.

    So (assuming you want all the h3s on posts or pages to be like that), first edit the page, select all, and click the Remove Formatting tool (eraser icon) to get rid of the code that makes these h3s bold and colored. Then add this in the CSS editor:

    .entry h3 {
        color: #483D8B;
        font-size: 100% !important;
        font-weight: bold !important;

    Change the percentage to increase the font size.

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