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How do I change the header (I guess) that appears at the top of my page: http://

  1. When I open my blog page - my name looks like this:
    I can't figure out how to get it to say Chris Morningforest (so it actually looks like a name) Can you help?
    Blog url:

  2. You cannot chnage the blog address ie the URL but you can change the Blog Title and/or optional Tagline at any time on this page > Settings > Reading

  3. Go to Dashboard> Users>Personal Settings and scroll to the bottom. there should be abox you can change it in.

  4. Rats! Thast should have been Settings > General

  5. @king62198
    That's 2 incorrect answers from you now. :(

  6. @timethief I am so sorry I am just trying to help in the forums. I should brush up on my info first.

  7. @king62198
    Wanting to help is a good thing. Lurking for 3 months and creating a private blog with correct answers in it is what I did. Then I only posted into threads when I was convinced I had correct answers. That may be a better approach for you to try than diving into deep waters is. :)

  8. @timethief Thank you, I'll try that.

  9. @king62198
    I do want you to undestand I'm not chastising you. I do wish you well. There are several regular Volunteers like raincoaster, thescredpath, justjennifer, justpi, and auxclass for example, who are very experienced when it comes to answering forum questions. They all have special skills and you can learn lots from "ghost reading" their answers.

  10. @timethief Yes I can learn a lot. I thought I could help because of my experience at a previous forum/community ( community). I still have an account, was well known there and was a regular user. Lately, that community has become overthrown with immature teenagers asking stupid questions and giving stupid answers. It used to be an addiction going there but now it isn't. Although I am a teenager, I am not like them. How many teenagers have a my age? Most have a tumblr blog which is social networking.

  11. Go here and find where you can socialize with other teen bloggers and with us "old-timers" too. :)

  12. Oh why Thank You time thief!

  13. You're welcome. Do note there are several teen blogger friends and followers threads in that forum. :)

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