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How do i change the header image and background image on Silver Is The New Black

  1. I need help on my custom css thing, i started earlier today and i got the hang of it pretty quick
    I want to change my background image and header... but im not sure how,

  2. You're good at Copy-paste, young padawan. Let's see how your logic skills are.

    Here's your task:
    Add this line
    background-image:url(appropriate spot) repeat-x;
    to this selector

    #header a {

    and fill in the file path in the appropriate spot.

    Act carefully and don't get seduced by the dark side.

  3. where can i find the place to paste it

  4. Club45, the answer is in deltafoxtrot's post. Read it carefully and if you can't work it out - then STOP PLAYING WITH THE CSS.

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