How do I change the layout of my home page

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    When I created my blog page it was easy to move things around. I remember being able to drag and click widgets and headers and such.
    Now, I can’t do anything and seem to be stuck with the template layout for the website I’m creating.
    This is seriously frustrating as I’ve paid for the domain name and more options through WordPress, yet it’s more difficult to do what I want.
    Am I missing something? All I want on my sidebar is a picture and a link to my blog. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is


    Go to appearance > widget and remove any widgets from the sidebar, if here are any. Then insert the image widget and install that widget. Then follow the instructions in this support document on how to use the image widget.


    I did that. Under “default sidebar” on the widget management page, I dragged every default widget and dropped them back in the “available widgets” area. The only 2 I have showing in my default sidebar (on the widgets management page) is a link to my other blog and Meta; yet when I view my home page, all the defaults are still there PLUS my blog link.
    How do I get rid of them? Is it a glitch?
    Thanks for taking the time to try and help me.


    I see those too, on your site.

    I just tried this on my test blog, and it worked as it should. All I have in the “default sidebar is a text widget with “Default sidebar test” in it.


    Go back to the widgets page and make sure that it is showing only your meta and the link to your other blog in the default sidebar.

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