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how do I change the line break in the title of a post?

  1. The title of my post breaks at a bad spot. I would like to change the line break. Is there a way to do that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please provide a link to the post you are asking about, starting with http:// so it will be clickable.

  3. Sorry, but we volunteers are not able to see unpublished posts. What is the title and how is the line breaking?

  4. We Volunteers cannot view previews. We do know that themes are coded to prevent orphaned letters in titles and in some cases the number of characters allowed is not what bloggers want them to be. Please simply type the title out here so we can get Themes Staff to provide a definitive answer re: Ari and post title character length.

  5. ~~Tess
    good morning :)

  6. ~~timethief,
    Yes, what you say is true about titles and themes, but titles will allow for some code to force or prevent spacing in all the themes I've experimented with.

  7. That's interesting. I didn't realize we could use any code in the title field. Shall I remove the tags?

  8. Ten Things You Need to Know about Ze'ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky

    that's the title, and the break is after Ze'ev. I want the break to be after "about". How do I do that?

  9. You can't use anything except em, strong, and the various codes to control spacing. But I need to see what the OP wants so I can advise. Probably it will be & nbsp ; without the spaces (but there are others which prevent or force a break).

  10. If the ( ) is removed does the title still break there.

  11. Okay, this is all Greek to me. I'm a newbie at WordPress. This is my first post. But I will be looking forward to further info about what OP wants.

  12. Sorry, my internet is really dragging today, but this works with your set-up of Ari and 2 sidebars:

    Just type this into the title line of your post. Where it says "NO-BREAK-SPACE" type this instead: & nbsp ; without the spaces after the & and before the semi-colon. Note that this is a special type of space so don't add spaces before or after the code.
    Ten Things You Need to Know about Ze’evNO-BREAK-SPACE(Vladimir)NO-BREAK-SPACEJabotinsky

    I have to add spaces to the no break space code because if I didn't the forum here would just show an empty space.

  13. Wow! It worked. It moved the word "about" to the next line, too, but I'll take it. Many thanks.

    While we're at it, do you know why the image in my header would have changed (after several days) to a question mark? Should I just re-do the widget? Or is something else awry?

  14. Oh, sorry. Fix it by replacing the space between "about" and "Ze'ev" like so:
    …about& emsp ;
Ze'ev(same as before)…

    Again, take the spaces out of the code.

  15. I don't see a header. Does Ari even allow for a header? Or are you asking about your picture in the widget in your sidebar? That looks fine to me in FireFox. Try clearing your cache and cookies.

  16. Thanks for the code. Worked like a charm.
    I tried Firefox, and I cleared my cache and cookies in my usual browser. This is so frustrating: there were two pictures in the lefthand column, whatever that is called. I think the top one was in a header, and the bottom one was in a column. But whatever you call them, I'm getting neither of those pictures in Firefox, but at least no question mark either. In Safari, I get two blue question marks.
    This all seems so volative. Nothing stays where it's put. I had text moving around the picture of Jabotinsky at the bottom of my post but now the image of Jabotinsky is below the text. Is it me? Sorry to throw so many questions at you, but this is all overwhelming.

  17. Have you worked through the learn wordpress tutorial?

    It may not answer the questions you are asking here and now, but it would be worth spending the little time it takes to work through it to get yourself oriented to this platform.

    Is this your first time blogging? Working and publishing online is very different from print…

    But don't hesitate to ask questions in these forums. There are lots of folks willing to help.

    Unless you publish your post, I can't tell what is going on with the alignment of your pictures. That's the thing about being online: search engines find your site and those links stay online, but until you publish no one can see what you are posting. Plus a mistake in formatting is easily fixed most likely w/o SEO consequences. It's the content that matters. And you have time before lots of people find your site: weeks or months, so you can still fix things like formatting.

    I do know the urge to have everything "perfect" before going live, but I've changed themes and formats many times over the five years I've been here, and my old posts look awful with my latest theme. But people still find and read them.

    I'm just trying to be encouraging, so I hope it helps?

    Happy new year!


  18. I should mention that it would be best to start a new topic /thread in these forums about your issue with you pictures.

    We try to keep the forums organized by topic rather than by person. It makes sense because lots of folks search and read here for help about specific issues even if they never post here.

  19. It helps, Tess. Thank you. I've read through the support stuff, but I will try the tutorial. You've been a great help. Happy new year to you.

  20. You are most welcome.

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