How do i change the page header?

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    I am new to wordpress and css, and i want to know how to change the page header, but i dont know what i have to do. So if ANYONE knows how, then please tell me.



    First you need to learn how to aks questions on support forums. Detailed information on your issue is absolutely necessary. What about a link to your blog for starters, so we can see the theme you want to change?



    Many themes allow you to use a custom header without paying for the CSS upgrade.



    Hi there-

    I also could use some help with this.




    Not all themes support custom headers. Check on the Design page: you can filter for customizable header. You will need a theme that supports them. Once you’ve got that you’ll need a big image, wide enough to span that part. Be aware that some images will have to be cropped. Then, under Design you follow the steps to customize the header (they may be under Extras). It’s pretty straightforward.



    Also, if you’ve purchased the CSS upgrade that method will not work. Your new custom CSS overrides it. In that case you need to pre-crop the image to just the right size and upload it, then put it where your header.jpg is in the code.


    On this topic, if anyone is still reading, I’ve created a customized header for a sample blog (so I can’t send you the link yet). I want to make the automatical blog header title disappear –theoretically, I was thinking I might accomplish this by setting the font color for the blog header title the same as the background color for the header I made as they are both a solid color.

    But, I can’t find the code for that h color, and perhaps it’s not doable from customizing CSS in wordpress by upgrading, but it would be great if it were! Let me know if it’s possible.

    (Wish I could select to have an email sent to me if there are updates posted to this topic!) Feel free to visit my blog and let me know if you have a solution anyone.


    “Automatical”. I typed that too quickly, but the word is pretty cute.



    Thank you raincoster! Your advice helped and I now have a custom header! And my site is:
    Its a club penguin blog. I ♥ CP!!!



    My ability to use a custom header on Mistylook has disappeared. I haven’t been able to find the presentation bar, which I believe used to be under the management bar. Any suggestions? Is this a feature that is gone? I am also unable to even change my theme or access the widgits. Help!



    Go under design. You should find it there. If not, check all of them!

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