How do I change the size of my header font so that my words aren't broken up?

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    I have the sunspot theme and I entered the text into my header, but it breaks up the words so that one letter is on the following line. I can’t find a way to either make the font smaller, or adjust anything so that it isn’t like that. If possibly I would like to fix it, but if not I guess I just have to go with a different theme. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    This can happen in some browsers when a word is too long, such as with “Monster” and the div for the site title is too narrow. I see this in Safari, but in Firefox, Monster is not broken.

    That is one of the problems; all browser render things slightly differently.

    The only way to fix this would be if you had the Custom Design upgrade and then using CSS you could make the font a little smaller.



    I checked your blog. The problem is that you are using a long expression to name your header. You can keep it short.

    In case you are determined to keep what you have decided, you can upgrade the custom design, and that will give all the flexibility as I have done with mine.

    Best wishes | G

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