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How do I change the 'Uncategorised' category title?

  1. I know it is a rookie question but it is really bugging me. I want to change the title but cannot seem to find the answer! Please and thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dear glennagibson,

    I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly but for me the "uncategorised" box is at the top of your Categories section.

    To get rid of this as a tag on your current blog post simply click on the check mark that's in the little box next to the word "Uncategorised" and it will disappear (and click again if you change your mind and want it back etc)

    You can do this with any topic in your Categories section, not just the uncategorised one ...

    Is this the answer you were looking for?

    Hopefully it helps ...

    kind regards.. Kiwidutch :)

  3. Thanks Kiwidutch! The uncategorised category is the only one in the list that does not have a check box next to it. I tried to edit it but just get the message that it was not updated?

    Thanks again!

  4. Dear glennagibson,

    apologies, my brain is running slow, my own blog is having issues today too...

    Ok I *think* you want to get rid of the main tag at the top of the page "Uncategorised"next to About, Recipes etc. yes?

    I checked your posts, you haven't added ANY categories to them at all so first you need to choose some and add them (just click the " +Add new category" bit at the bottom of your category section).

    Once you've named it something else "Fish", "Favourites", "Chowders" etc then just de-checkmark the "uncategorised" one... if you do that with all your posts so far then does the tag at the top disappear?

    I'm not very tech savy but this would at least be my own first course of action...

    Hope it helps, kind regards... Kiwidutch :)

  5. Glenn,
    you probably can't un-check that box if there are no alternative boxes checked already :)

    Kiwi :)

  6. Kiwi, you are a tech savy god in my eyes!!! Thanks a million. No more niggle!
    Thanks again

  7. Happy to help Glenn,

    Just one blogger doing their best to help another... one day you'll be able to pass on the favour to someone else just as I am to you...

    ...Happy Blogging!

    kind regards... Kiwi :)

  8. @glennagibson,

    You can set a category as your default category so you won't get the "useless" uncategorized tag if you forget to choose another one:

    Setting the Default Category

    A default category (uncategorized) will be assigned to published posts if you don’t specify one. The default category can be changed under Settings -> Writing in your dashboard.

  9. @1Tess! Think I have it sorted. Thanks for the help!
    @ Kiwi, thanks again... will pass it on...

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