How do I change them without importing the custom CSS?

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    My blog is here:

    I used the CSS Upgrade in WordPress to customize the background, colors and fonts.

    I currently use the ChaosTheory Theme with one column.

    I want to use another Theme with two columns.

    The problem with any new Theme that I apply is that it applies the CSS of ChaosTheory, and this does NOT work, as the customization is all crooked in the new theme.

    Is there a way to use a new Theme and starting that Theme from SCRATCH?




    CSS is theme specific. You will have to delete the custom CSS that you have written (copy it out and save in a plain text file in case you want to use that theme again).

    Delete everything from the CSS edit window, and then make sure that “add to theme’s CSS stylesheet” is selected and click save. That will return things to the original stylesheet.

    You can then edit the CSS for the new theme if you wish.



    thanks so much – I’ll try this out tomorrow – and let you know if it worked. Seems like a good plan. I’m optimistic. ;-)

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