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How do I change this???

  1. informationwarfareblog

    There is a line separating everything on this page and I don't think it looks good.

    Is it possible to remove some of the lines and keep others?

    The theme is: Suburbia by WPShower

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's because you've formatted all the entries as Heading 4 (which is wrong: headings have a meaning for search engines and screen readers, so they should only be used for actual titles of sections and subsections such as your "Fruit", "Animal Foods" etc, not to change the appearance of any text). So start by switching the editor to Text (=code) and remove all of these:
    and all of these:

    Then tell us how exactly you'd like things to look like so we can suggest more appropriate ways of doing it.

    For a simple (thin) divider line, you paste this in the Text editor:
    <hr />

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