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How do I claim a blog named that is no longer used?

  1. Hi everyone. I tried adding a new blog name to my account but was told the name is already taken. However, when I go to that particular URL, it says the blog no longer exists and was deleted by the user. Is there a way to claim that name any longer?

    I want my user name to remain the same, but for my blog name to change from to yet still be connected to my johnjsal account.


  2. Sorry I was going to say your best bet would be to contact the admin of the blog but in your reply you stated the blog has been delete which means that name is gone forever because even the admin of the deleted blog can not retrieve the deleted URL/name if they wanted too.

  3. Deleted blogs cannot be recycled/reused for any reason (even by the original owner).

    Please visit this page for more information about our policy on deleted blogs.

    To change your blog name, you need to create a new blog and transfer the contents and customization from the old one.

    If you can't find any available blog name you want to get, domain mapping (paid upgrade) gives you an option to use a domain name that doesn't contain You don't need to move contents if you choose this route.

  4. Ah shucks, but thanks!

  5. Domain mapping isn't a bad idea. It means if you want you can get instead.

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