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how do I clear my media library without removing images from my blog

  1. my media library was getting full, to clear it I deleted photos which have now been removed from all my posts

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you delete files from your library they will certainly disappear from your blog. The picture files are not stored in your posts. The picture files are stored in your library and when you want to display a picture on a post (or page), the wordpress software goes to the library to get it.

    If you go to your real library to get a book to read and the book is missing, then you cannot read that book. Same with the virtual library here on wordpress: if the file is missing then there is nothing for the software to read (display).

  3. Your pictures are too big for displaying online. You should resize and optimize your pictures before uploading them to the library:

  4. Thank you, a hard lesson learnt!

  5. Yes, you will have to re-upload and insert at least a few of your pictures in order to make room in your library. You won't have to replace all of them. I have over 4500 pictures and have used only 10% of my space—>I've used that much because I accidentally uploaded about 50 full-sized files and have not gotten around to deleting them.

    If you compress/resize some of the pictures to under 100kb each (you can even keep them looking fine and make them under 50kb) you'll be surprised how much space you'll make in your library.

    Or purchase the space upgrade.

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