How do I combine two blogs under one account?

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    I started 2 blogs separate from one another because at the time, each user could only have one blog.

    Now, users can have multiple blogs and I want to see if there’s a way I can combine the 2 onto one account.



    figured it out…i suck.


    How did you do this? There’s nothing in the FAQ about it and I already changed my account settings so their e-mails match. Thank you.



    Export the second blog out and import it into the first one. :)



    Well i have the same problem, i tried exporting and importing but that only transfers the posts and comments, I want the whole subdomain shifted to another account.



    When you export/import your blogroll must be done separately. Perhaps this is what you mean by “the whole sub-domain”.
    (1) Visit http://mydomain.tld/wp-links-opml.php. [Substitute the name of your own blog for “mydomain.tld”]. That generates an OPML list which you can import via Dashboard -> Blogroll -> Import Links. Do note though that the link categories won’t come over and you’ll have to edit them manually.
    (2) You will have to save this opml list to your desktop and then open it as a text file in a plain text editor like either Notebook or Wordpad (warning: do not open it in MicroSoft Word) and save it as *.txt.
    (3) Now you import the blogroll in the *.txt file into the blog.
    (4) Each link will have to be re-assigned to specific categories.

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