How do I completely hide pages

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    Ok, so hopefully I can explain this through typing it. My front page isn’t static, and I have a menu on the top with the different areas of my blog. I have one area that I needs its own area, but if all the information were to be on this one page it would be amazingly large. I’m trying to avoid that if at all possible. What I would like to do is break down all the information down into groups (In this case its information on a state by state list)
    So I have the page on my top menu bar, which I want. When you click on that I currently have a list of every state typed out in bullets, but I haven’t linked any yet. I tried to link the information I have for Alabama. I created a new page with all the things that would be on the Alabama page. First it showed up on my menu, which I didn’t like, so I got rid of that with creating a new menu and not including it. Then after I linked it on the State by State page it started showing up again, even tho it wasn’t listed in the Appearance > Menu section. I finally just ended up deleting this.
    This might be hard to follow, and I’m really sorry for that. I’m really bad with explaining things. If this helps any: I want to have a Parent Page (State by State List) that doesn’t have every page listed as a “child page” show up when I mouse over the State by State List on my menu bar. Not sure if its actually called a child page but I’ll just run with that.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any help you could give me on the subject.

    The blog I need help with is


    You can create a custom menu and then include only the pages that you want in that custom menu.



    Or you could set up the page with all the state names you want to list then hyper link those states to the corresponding sub pages that would have the info about that state… →

    Edit: I forgot to mention you would need to have your parent page linked through the menus editor as @tsp, mentioned



    Thanks so much



    You’re welcome!

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