How do I contact support? I need a hand w/ changing my blog name, adding domain.

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    1) The links keep sending me back to the forum and do not allow me to contact support.

    2) I created a new username and selected the option to create new blog name, expecting it would change the name of my current blog. However, iIt created a new blog. I want to make that my current blog name, however I’m unable to “change my blog name” there in My Blog dashboard, as that name is already taken (by my new blog). I’d like support to lend a hand, so that I can change the name of my current blog to the blog name I just created.

    3) Then I will need to redirect my current domain, or rather, add a new domain to new blog address. I’d go ahead and add the domain, but I’d prefer to straighten out my blog address situation first (before creating twice or more work).

    Not sure why I can’t contact support. :/

    The blog I need help with is



    I see you’ve opened a new thread several times in the forums on the same problem without getting the assistance you need. Please do not open new threads but post on the original thread.

    If you are having trouble locating your forum posts, please click on your name at the top right corner of any forum page where it says “Welcome, yourusername”

    I’ve marked this one for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to this thread from the sidebar so that you’ll see their response and don’t bump this thread unless you have new information. Threads marked for Staff assistance are handled on an age basis and this is a long weekend in the US, so it may take a little longer.



    As far as contacting support directly, I believe that it requires at least a Premium upgrade now, but normally forum posts marked for Staff assistance are just as quick if not quicker.


    Thank you! I appreciate the tips and reaching out to staff to resolve the issue. I will stay subscribed and heed your advice to not post multiple times in the future (would delete duplicates if possible). Best regards!



    Hi there – please let me know specifically what you need to do, using the real domain names and subdomains in question, and I’ll see how I can help. Thanks.


    Thank you Kathryn,

    What I’d like to do is to change my blog name from: (to)

    I attempted to do so, yet mistakenly created the desired name as a separate blog. I’d like to make the above change and keep the prior blog/URL (earthsaylove) as an empty backup.

    Thereafter I would like to domain mask the new blog URL so that it’s

    I will make my URL forward to:


    I received an email that my Premium is about to expire and that I need to pay for upgrade. However, although I am administrator of my blog, I cannot seem to log in. Following notification is shown:
    User ********* Cannot Access the Dashboard Requested
    You are logged in as “******” and do not have the necessary privileges to access the dashboard for “******”. If you are not “******”, please log out, and log back in with your username. If you are “fleurtrueblue” and you need access, please ask an administrator of the site to invite you.
    (I left the names out). Can someone please advice me what to do, because apparently it is set to expire in 5 days! Help!



    fleurtrueblue – could you please start a new thread to describe your issue in detail, and add the tag modlook in the Tags area and a Staff member will help you out. Thanks.


    Kathryn, I took care of my domain. Now I am just curious if I can change my blog name to the other one I created if I choose to? At this point it’s not urgent, as I went ahead and added the URL, though I’d like to know my option. Thank you!



    Hi there, it’s not possible to change a blog name to one that already exists, so if you’d need to swap the sites’ contents (by exporting and importing) and redoing any theme and widget customizations.

    If you decide go that route and need any help down the road, feel free to start a new thread.


    Shoot. That’s a bummer. I was creating a new username/blog name for my current blog; I thought it was going to change the blog name along with the username; unfortunately it only “created” a separate blog with that name. I didn’t realize there was a place to change it elsewhere until after. I discovered how to import etc. but the stats and followers will not carry over.

    It would be nice as it were a mistake, or having the blog name, if we were able to switch them and be able to carry everything over. No biggie, but some happiness feedback / suggestion. Thanks!



    We can certainly transfer your stats and followers to another site – you just need to ask when the time comes. :-)


    Thank you, I initially inquired, as I wanted to change my blog name (to a name I, in the process, accidentally created as a new blog name) PRIOR* to adding a new domain on top of the blog. I just purchased the domain masking option on word press, this it is for the current blog URL and my new domain.

    If I do import my blog content to the new blog name, how much will the cost be to import stats and followers — and to set up my domain to the newer blog address? Thank you!



    There is no charge to transfer followers and stats from one site to another on the same account. It’s our pleasure!

    We are also happy to move a mapped domain name from one site to another on the same account, at any time, at no charge.

    Just let me know if you have any other questions.

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