How do I contact support to have the content on my account deleted?

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    How do I contact support to delete the content of my site? I want all information on my account deleted.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can do it yourself:

    Or if you have a lot of content the staff can clear it for you

    I have flagged this for staff attention



    Please reply with the exact address of the blog you wish to have emptied.

    Also please confirm that you understand that once the blog is emptied, all of your posts, pages, comments, and contents of your media library are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

    Once you have confirmed that, I will empty your blog for you.



    I need some help.

    My domain has expired.
    I do NOT wish to renew my domain.

    I DO wish to delete my blog.
    I can not do this because the site is telling me there is a domain registration pending. Which I have already made clear I do not wish to do.

    This process keeps going around in circles, each time ending up at “I am unable to delete my wordpress site”.

    To be perfectly clear:
    I do not wish to take the blog private.
    I do not wish to “empty” the blog and keep my WordPress account.
    I do wish to delete it.

    How many times to I have to tell someone at WordPress that I no longer wish to use the service. It’s like walking out of the grocery store when you’re done shopping only to be dragged back in by a cashier saying, “but don’t you want to buy something else?”

    I specifically let my domain expire in order to delete my site on WordPress. So, my domain has expired. Why is there a “delete site” function if it’s this difficult to actually delete the site?

    Thank you.



    @kwmundstock, please post your own support thread so we can assist you.

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