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How do I copyright contents, and create a watermark?

  1. diaryofordinarydays

    How to copyright, and create a watermark.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. diaryofordinarydays

    Oh, poet, what are you thinking.
    Where does your wandering mind take you today.
    In what fields do your wandering steps tred.
    In what memory of the future do you dance.

    Oh, poet, what fires burn
    Beneath the smoldering mountain.
    In what far off heavens
    Among what endless galaxies do you sail,
    Across what glorious seas,
    And, what subterranean depths do you haunt.

    Oh, poet, riding easily the barque through the mists,
    Following easily, Icarus, towards the sun,
    Lover of the moon, and at home among the stars,
    Sing because you must, and be free.

  3. Maybe you need to use a theme which emits a copyright notice, or create a widget which has your copyright notice, or create a page with your copyright notice and link to it from your site's main menu.

    Legally, most material has copyright protection when it is created (Berne Convention), although a copyright notice strengthens the protection. (You asked how to copyright, not how to display a copyright notice.)

    For image watermarks, I don't know if the image tools which provides are able to watermark. You can use tools such as GIMP to create images with a watermark, and use those images on your site.

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