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    I was wondering if I can create a drop down under my “Portfolio” page? I would like to include pages like “logos” “brochures” and others under the Portfolio category at the top of the page.


    The blog I need help with is


    It is not possible to add drop down menus to the top navigation in a theme if the theme doesn’t have it built in. iNove is the only theme that has drop down menus at the moment.

    Note that you can use the pages widget in the sidebar to show the subpages in your current theme:

    P.S. Your CSS customizations look great!


    The new iNove theme here has dropdown top navigation.


    Thanks again! All very helpful!


    You’re welcome, and I forgot to mention that Sandbox 1.6.1 (possible 1.1 also) support dropdown menus, but those are completely CSS-less. You are starting completely from scratch unless you use one of the CSS skins for sandbox that are available from a variety of sources on the internet such as this one:


    i have inove theme but still cant figure out how to make drop down menus. can anyone point me in the right direction?



    Without the complete url fot your blog we cannot help you. Please post the url for your blog starting with http://



    When writing a new page set the page as a child page here is a short video I made displaying how to do so.

    ScreenToaster – How to make a sub page with WordPress Screencast


    radical. my hero! thanks.



    You’re welcome,

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