How do I create a duplicate of my blog?

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    I am working for someone whose blog needs some help. I am hoping that I can create a duplicate of their blog so that the current one can stay there while I make changes to a newer version. The information that is currently online must stay online, but I would like to make some sweeping changes. I tried to create a new wordpress blog and just re-do the blog, but the site uses a custom theme and I don’t want to have to pay for a domain. What are my options? Is it possible to create a duplicate version of a blog that I can alter while the original stays in-tact?
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    There’s not a way to automatically make a duplicate blog for testing on, but you can use the new blog you created and copy the data over using Tools → Export and Tools → Import. The settings such as theme choice, widgets and CSS customizations would need to be re-done on the testing site. I don’t think you would need to purchase a custom domain for a test site, just use the version of the domain.



    I tried to create a new site, but wordpress wouldn’t let me use a custom theme on a wordpress domain. Perhaps I am mis-informed…Do you know how to use a custom theme on a wordpress blog at a free wordpress site?


    Sorry, this is a forum so I thought you were referring to blogs. You may not upload your own custom theme at

    There are ways to install WordPress locally, and that might be what you want to do to create a testing / staging site. Please search the documentation at for information about that and please use the forums at to ask for help if you have more questions after reading the documentation.

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