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How do I create a gallery with all image files in my library on a new page?

  1. I want to have a page showing all my photos from all my posts (as a way of showcasing my portfolio). Is there a way to create a gallery with all image files in my media library on a separate page? I tried doing it with the gallery shortcode "gallery id" and inserting multiple post IDs but that didn't work. How do I do this? Do I have to do this the long way using individual photo IDs? Many thanks!! Sorry I have been searching for a long time and can't find the answer!!
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  2. If the images have already appeared on your site in Posts, then you should be able to use the post ID number to bring those images into a Gallery/Portfolio. You do have to insert each Gallery on its own line with its own shortcode, like:

    [gallery id="17"]
    [gallery id="239"]

    ...etc. You can't put all the IDs on one line separated by commas, like you can with includes, which it appears you were trying to do.

    See here: specifically under "Can I have a Page that displays all my existing Galleries?"

  3. That was SUPER helpful. Thanks a million. I guess I will just keep adding gallery lines as I add pictures to my collection :)

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