How do I create a home page?

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    Trying to a create a home page (NOT a static one – found the instructions for that, but that is not what I want to do). Normally, if someone types in my blog address, the front page will come up with all the posts in reverse order, which is great. But what if someone is doing a Google search, which takes them to a particular post, and they want to get to the home page of my blog? There is no way to do this. Whenever I am on my blog, I use the My Blog button across the top, but no one else has access to this. Basically I just want to make a Home Page so people can click on it to find their way back.

    Thanks for the help!

    The blog I need help with is


    The title of your site is a link back to the main page.

    You can also if you wish create a custom menu and then include a “home” tab in that custom menu. The custom menu gives you a lot of flexibility and a lot of options on your navigation.


    Tried to add Home both as a Page and as a Custom Link to my Menu, neither of which worked. Can you further elaborate on including a “home” tab? I can easily create one and add it to my Custom Menu, no problem, but when I click on it, there is nothing there. And yes, I do have A LOT of posts on my blog.


    Create the custom menu. In the “pages” module click the “view all” select the pages/tabs you want to appear on the menu and arrange them as you desire. Click “save menu” when you are done.

    This is the step most people miss: At upper left of the custom menu page in the dashboard, select your custom menu name from the “primary location” pulldown in the “theme options” module and then click save.


    Oh, I did all that ages ago. I’ve been using my custom menu just fine. i just want to figure out how to make “Home” appear as one of my choices along the top of the page, and then have it actually take people to my home page.


    I should also mention that you can name the “home” tab anything you wish. The label can be changed by, after putting it in the custom menu, you click on the right end of the home tab title bar and then edit the label.


    I also want to create a HOME tab to take me back to the ‘front page’ where all my posts are. I’m currently getting around it by adding a category called home assigned to a post telling people to chose a category from the right menu widget.


    @bushtelegraph007, why go to all that trouble when you can just use the custom menu feature and not have to worry about people finding the link in the categories widget?


    Ok got it – you add a custom link. Paste the URL address of your home page into a custom link, call it ‘Home’ and add it to the menu.


    You don’t have to do a custom link. In the “pages” module click the “view all link at the top and there will be a “home” entry there you can add to your custom menu that will link back to your main page. After adding it to your custom menu, you can edit the menu item and change the label if you wish.


    Thanks thesacredpath. It was the home tab I needed to get me back ‘home’. I also need the menu on the right – if you look at the website you will see why.


    You can create a second custom menu and then use the custom menu widget in the sidebar. Again, you get maximum flexibility with custom menus.


    Ah ha! There it is. Thank you. Strange place to find it.


    Yes thanks. I see I have put the Categories widget in my right column (not custom menu) and think that will be fine as it is.


    You are welcome.


    Whilst I ‘have you’, do you know if it is possible to remove the tags from showing up in the post? Or is this just a theme thing. Some themes don’t show them.


    The only theme that allows you to remove the tags or categories is the iNove theme.

    The other way, in SOME themes is to remove them via CSS, but this cannot be done in all themes and require some CSS knowledge and of course it also requires the custom design upgrade.

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