How do I create a new post within a new page?

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    I have my main blog page but am going on holidays soon and would like to create a seperate blog page for my trip away. I created a new page but noticed (And then later read on this forum) That you cannot write new posts to a different page. All posts are written to the main blog page instead. How can I get around this? I noticed that I could just keep writing new pages under my second page but then I would get a list of pages a mile long on my sidebar.

    What are my options for doing this?



    Can you keep on posting on the same post and edit the same post throughout your holiday?



    Or how about creating a page and having that little tab at the top of your site so your visitors can click that and you can also keep on editing the same page. You can label the page as ‘Holiday’ so your visitors know where to click.



    Pages are just Posts kept out of the category and dating systems.

    Best bet would be to create a seperate, new blog since that’s basicly what you’re trying to do anyway.



    The last post by drmike is not fair enough, we should be able to attach a post to a particular page. I’m presently there at this cross road.



    I don’t know what you mean by “not fair enough”. I know that getting a new blog takes only minutes and is free. You have only been here for one day so I have no idea what you mean by being at a crossroads.
    What I do know is that drmike tells it like it is. He tells the truth: it is not possible to have more than one page as your “posts page”.
    You can choose which page will be your “front page” and you can choose only one page as your “posts page”. This is where you do that -> dashboard -> options -> reading -> reading options -> (make your choices and be sure to save them by clicking “update options” when you are done).

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