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How do I create a sign up for an event that includes names?

  1. How do I create a poll or post where users can RSVP to an event and their name will show so I know exactly who is coming, not just that '5' or '10' replied 'yes'?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You could use the contact form to have people sign up for your event. The contact form can be customized to suit your purpose:

  3. I could use the contact form, but I would then have to log all responses and it would only come to me. I'd like a list to be generated when students "register".

  4. You could have them sign up by commenting on an "invitation post."

    Other than that, there is no automatic way to collect such information.

  5. There are online invite places like evite that will track names and numbers of people attending an event - intended for parties but something like that might be workable.

  6. @auxclass
    :-)) good idea I hadn't thought of…

  7. I'm feeling whiny ... I don't have all my student's email addresses create an evite list.
    "Commenting" on a post still leaves me logging responses to have a "guest list". Maybe WordPress can put this on their to-do's??

    BTW -- thanks for the ideas!

  8. I believe the reason does not have such a feature is that it could easily be misused by potential spammers harvesting email addresses.

  9. A group that I belong to had some sort of online signup spreadsheet - but I don't remember how it was done - I have ask the person in charge of the event if they know how the spreadsheet was done by the IT guy - was simple to use -

    I wonder if something could be done with Google Aps and a password to an online spreadsheet.

  10. Might be Google Doc's not Aps.

  11. Looks like Google doc's can embed a spreadsheet in your Post and the spreadsheet can be edited by viewers other than you - can't seem to get the change the sheet in WordPress.COM and I am missing some part of the update the spreadsheet to my Post (on a test blog not the site linked to my name)

    You could put the link to the spreadsheet in a Password protected post and it looks like your students could sign themselves up.

    Still a few bugs in my understanding of all of this - but shows promise

  12. auxclass -- very helpful! I will review in detail.

    I also looked at Eventbrite -- I think this might be the ticket! I created an event that is password protected. I will post an invite with the password on my protected wordpress site. No need to enter everyone's e-mail addresses and it will create a list for me.

    I so appreciate the idea!

  13. You be welcome & thanks for the Eventbright idea - looks very useful

  14. I had the pleasure of using Eventbrite as a WordCamp attendee a couple of months ago. I recommend it (as an attendee).

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