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How do I create an "About Me" page on my blog?

  1. How do I create an "About Me" page on my blog? I don't see the options for the same.

    Thank you so much,


  2. FYI


    I want the contents in About Yourself to be displayed in the Blog page @ some place. How can it be done.

    Pls. anybody guide me in this..

    Posted: 2006-12-14 04:17:21 #


    the andreas09 theme displays an excerpt of the about page.

    otherwise, you'll have to copy the part you want into a text widget.
    Posted: 2006-12-14 04:38:29 #

  3. go to write in your dashboard, and under the write link, choose write page. that will create an about me page.

    if you want to have an about me at the side of your blog, place your information in a text widget.

  4. Thanks so much, mgkamesh and sulz. I really appreciate it.

  5. One problem: I wrote the about page, how can I get it to show up on the blog?


  6. In order to display pages on the theme you have chosen you will need to install your Page widget in your sidebar. The technique used is a very easy one. You simply drag and drop your Pages widget into your sidebar.
    -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets. And this provides detailed step by step instructions for setting up and configuring of all of your widgets.

  7. there are also some themes that include the displaying of the pages

  8. @icehot
    You're quite right and this is where to see a review of the features that different themes have

  9. Thank you all. It worked. Any idea how to change the order of the links in the blogroll? Do I have to delete them and add them in order again?


  10. The order that the links in your Blogroll are displayed after you drag and drop your Links widget into your sidebar cannot be changed but there is one small work around that may be useful. The order displayed will be alphabetical in accord with the Category you assigned to the link when you entered it into your sidebar. Thus the only way to change the order links are displayed in is to edit the Category. The default category for links is "blogroll".
    -> Dashboard -> Options -> Writing
    Notice that the Default bookmark (aka blogroll aka link) category:____ can be changed through use of the drop down category menu.

  11. Thank you, Timethief!

  12. You're welcome. :)

  13. random: you can also try numbering your links, though the numbers will obviously appear in the blogroll. i use numbering to organise my blogroll as i also use images for my blogroll so the numbering can't be seen. to get an idea of what i've said, you can see what i did at my blog.

  14. Thanks, sulz. I did visit your blog and found it rather interesting and impressive, the way you have used pictures in the blog roll. However I don't think I'll go for that, at the moment.

    Thanks again!

  15. thanks for visiting! =)

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