How do I create an "image"? to complete your log in services?

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    My friend has a blog: “The Morkmoor Chronicles” and he is now apparently using Okay, this is my problem. I tried to sign up to use your services to leave a comment on his blog. I filled out an email address, a password and could not figure out how to leave an “image” to complete this process. Send me any image and I’ll complete the process. oceans, water, etc. I don’t care.

    Thank you very much.

    (email redacted)



    You are referring to a Gravatar/Avatar. See here >

    For best practices scroll down to below the video here:

    Note: Gravatar images are cached and frequently take several days to display after a change. Do not keep uploading! The first place they tend to display is here in the forums and I see your Gravatar here. If several days have passed and that change is not in evidence then post here for Gravatar support >

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