How do I customize my posts that are emailled to blog subscribers?

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    Hi – I wanted to know if it was possible to reformat/customize the email posts that my blog subscribers receive. Currently it just has the blog title, my gravatar and then the post content. I would like to be able to add my banner to the top of each email that goes out in addition to the post title and content.

    I would also like to change the background colour of the email that goes out – it is currently gray, whereas I would prefer white like the blog has.

    Is it possible to do any of this?

    The blog I need help with is


    No, not at it is not.



    If i was to switch to would I be able to do this?


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    Am I misunderstanding something?

    I am subscribed to my own blog on my Gmail addy and also on my main email address. In both, I get the image and formatting (background-color, (font)color) that I have set up in the custom excerpt module.

    My feed also shows an image (but no text formatting) when I put info into the excerpt module:

    My theme is Unsleepable, and the OP is using Digg3: both support custom excerpts. (The OP is not taking advantage of the custom excerpt function)

    The support doc is not very clear:
    A better explanation here:

    Guess it would be worth (me?) seeing which themes show formatting in email subscriptions and feeds…



    Hm, so do you think that if I wrote an excerpt and inserted HTML code for background colour, insert an image of my blog banner etc that should fix it? I was hoping for a less labour intensive (sheesh like this is really HARD work lol), way to pretty up what my email subscribers were getting…

    To make it clear{er} all I am looking to do is have the ability to:

    – Have my blog banner show up at the top of the post emails my blog subscribers get.
    – Be able to edit the BG color of the email – its coming up as a pale grey instead of white like the blog bg currently is.


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    Your header won’t show unless you include it in each excerpt via html.
    BG color seems to work.
    I use coloured backgrounds on most of my posts, and it’s not difficult to copy-paste the same code into excerpts/
    That is, you can save a code snippet and use it over and over.
    But the formatting is not quite the same: just the colors of BG and font + image…


    With a .ORG blog, you would have to use something like feedburner since there is no built-in email subscription capabilities, and I’ve never found any plugins that will do it. That means you are at the mercy of the whoever is handling your email subscriptions.

    To fully customize via the excerpt function seems to me to be a heavy bit of HTML work. Sure you could get the basics set up and then insert the text and then insert the whole thing into the excerpt module, but has anyone ever checked to see what kind of mischief this causes with RSS feeds?

    It’s yours tess. I’m out of this one.



    You mean you have to fiddle with the excerpts for EVERY post in order to get this done?


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    Yes, but the custom excerpts are something I do anyway: they work in category and archives pages in my theme. I just copy and paste a summary of the post. Same formatting, small picture, and it says exactly what I want it to say.



    Ahhh – I see what you mean from looking at your feed Tess. As I am looking for the same thing each time, set BG Colour, include Banner Image then a short sample of text – it should be pretty straightforward as I know HTML.

    Do you mind sharing the line of code you use Tess?



    And finally – as my brain overthinks this..from looking at what thesacredpath is saying..I am guessing with as it is now, if I make the changes in the excerpt section I have no choice but for it to send the same thing out on the RSS feed AND the email. I cannot just edit the email format and have the rss feed go out as it currently is…right?


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    <div style="border: #px solid #HEX_NUMBER; background-color: #HEX_NUMBER; padding-left: .5em; padding-right: .5em; padding-bottom: 1em; color: #hex_number;"><span style="visibility: hidden; line-height: .1em;"></span>TEXT_AND_IMAGES</div>

    This shows more info about various styles of borders:

    I usually put a small image aligned right into the excerpt. The formatting doesn’t come out perfectly in email subscriptions, but it looks nice.



    Thanks I am going to give this a try for tomorrows posts.


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    Re the RSS and email, they will be the same. I guess what I’m misunderstanding, or rather, not understanding, is : does this do something bad for the feed?

    I just like to play with the colors in my posts and noticed that this was a side-effect…

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