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How do I delete a domain name but not the blog

  1. I used the wrong domain name with the blog below. It should be I am ready to direct the domain name to this blog (it will serve as a website, not a blog) and have never done this before. although I purchased the 'extras' package, I had the wrong domain name, so I repurchased the correct domain name. Now I'd like to get rid of the domain: and correct the blog name too. Not sure how to do any of this.
    Blog url:

  2. I have canceled the incorrect domain mapping.

    You don't necessarily have to change, just set as the primary domain via Store -> Domains in the blog's Dashboard.

  3. Thanks! Now, can I simply check the domain and the site will automatically direct there? Right now it goes to a go placeholder page. How long should it take to transfer, and do I need to do anything additional on the other end?

  4. The nameservers aren't directed to us.

    Per the guide at they need to be:

  5. Got it, thanks!

  6. You're welcome!

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