How do I delete a follower from my Blog?

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    How do I delete a follwer from my blog?
    I have had a following out with a former friend that follows my Blog and I do not want them to be a follower of my blog any longer how do I delete and block them from viewing my Blog page?

    The blog I need help with is



    We cannot block or delete subscribers from public blogs. Everyone on the internet can view and follow any public blog.

    You can change your blog visibility to “private” Please read this about public blogs that become private blogs > Blog Privacy and Subscribers >

    Note that you have complete control comment moderation.

    Also note there is no upgrade you can purchase that changes what I stated above.


    Thank you for replying I’m just now seeing it though. I however do think we should be able to approve or deny and even block followers from our public blogs. I keep a journal and have done so for 20 yrs so I do not desire a private blog. My purpose for a public blog is to express myself and to connect with others and make friends. It’s interesting that I can delete which blogs I follow but cannot do the same for those that follow my blog. I see that this is a question that has been expressed to WordPress. I understand I can and do Moderate and have full control of my Blog site. Thank you



    I’m sorry but what you think changes nothing. Anyone with access to the internet can read and subscribe to the RSS feed on any public website.

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